In All of Our Twelve Years….

Nothing like this has happened to us and yet yesterday it kinda did.

Someone tried to break into our house yesterday! 😦 Thankfully they didn’t actually manage to get in so nothing was taken but it still feels like rubbish.

And on top of that – the police must have sent the dustiest police officer ever! He was in such a rush to get away that he didn’t even bother looking at the house. When I asked him if wanted to see if anyone had tried to enter through the back, he said “Oh yeah, I guess I should have a look around.”!

WTF?! Seriously?!

So far today has been spent calling the insurance people, waiting for forensics and trying to sort out all the other bloody admin stuff.

We were thinking about moving before but this incident has definitely accelerated the process.


7 thoughts on “In All of Our Twelve Years….

  1. Pseudo: I know. It’s just the fact that someone knows our routine!DeeCee: I know!Santhoshi: I deffo don’t want to be in that situation. Awww – I’m sorry to hear that though. :(Dili: I’m an inspiration you say?! :-PJP: Thank you.Sabby: Indeedy. Thanks my lovely! 🙂

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