Not The April Fool

Shitty start to the month.

What do you do when one of your best mate’s lil’ brother commits suicide?

There are no words. No amount of consoling. An infinite amount of grief.

19 years old and all he wanted was some love.


12 thoughts on “Not The April Fool

  1. OMG Scrump that’s awful :-(. Words fail me. I hope that at least now, he is at peace. And I hope his family and everyone that knew him can someday overcome their grief.Just be there for your friend. They might not grieve in the way you expect them to, but they probably don’t know what to do either.

  2. My condolences, but those who take their own life have only themselves to blame. They are, as their success proves, against life and repudiate the healing it offers with time. Sadness and grief over such a monumentally selfish and pathetic act!@PseudoRandom – He is at peace?! He is dead. @Indyana Suicide is shocking, but Sri Lanka had the highest suicide rate in the world in the mid-90’s. Thing is – most of them were farmers and rural folk, who took their lives because of failed harvests, debt or tragically unrequited love. Where you shocked then, or is it only suicide on blogs that gets the tear ducks lubricated? Did you care to find out more about suicide and help stem it? Armchair grief is easy – educating yourself on how to help and identify manic depression and suicidal tendencies might actually help save a life. So without just shaking, why don’t you do some moving in this direction?

  3. 😦 ur right, there really ARE no words.. tho it seems ‘anonymous’ has a bag full o em…im so sorry scrumps.. there really is no way to console someone at a time like this… take care… 😦

  4. @Anonymous – Yes, at least I hope so. The way I see it, he ended his life because he was extremely troubled, and felt that he was not strong enough to endure his troubles until ‘time’ came along and healed everything. Should we fault him for that? I don’t think so. We’re not all of similar character, and not all of us can find the strength to get help when we need it. You are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to disagree, and I’m afraid I find your accusations a bit heartless.I don’t believe that all ends with death, so yes I hope that the element of his being that remains is at peace.P.S.- Sorry for hijacking your comment space Scrump, but I felt compelled to reply.

  5. Anon…well, I guess “just shaking” and learning more and doing something to learn more abt it makes sense!And manic depression,yes that I do know! And no I don’t feel sorry for cases I read only in blogs! But thanks anyway,I do get your point!

  6. Anon: I can’t say I agree with you. OK – it may be a selfish act in your opinion but you can’t always know what drove them to commit that act. Something must have been seriously wrong in order for them to drive themselves into doing something so drastic. Maybe it’s something that we as people could do to be more aware of those around us. The world has become a selfish place (IMO) and people take less time to sometimes just offer a smile that might make the biggest bit of difference.Despite it being what you call “a selfish act”, it’s still death. And death, regardless of the circumstances, is still something that causes people to grieve. Thank you for your condolences though.To everyone – thank you. I know it had not much to do with me but it helped to share.

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