It’s been a fair busy week or so and as someone told me (Yes, that was you Tylor!), it’s not a proper blog unless you do it everyday. Well, my life just isn’t that interesting enough I’m afraid!

Following on from this, the funeral took place last Wednesday. Words can not begin to describe how horrible it was. Open casket ceremony at the house before the crematorium. And he looked so peaceful. The speeches from his infinite number of cousins were heartbreaking to listen to. Especially as they had all once been so close and it seems he shut them out without reason. And to listen to my friend be brutally honest about how he hadn’t spoken to his brother – nothing will ever lessen his guilt. 😦

Other than that – I’ve been busy with parties, protests and various other shit mostly emotional! More drama for another post.

I will be back properly soon.

On a brighter note though: my colleague today was asked out by an 81 year old man (who has prostate cancer)! All of a sudden – this doesn’t seem so bad!

Oh – and how much did I miss with RD n NB?! It was like a Tamil drama serial that I had too much to catch up on!


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