A Published Writer!

Today is a proud day in my life! Because I wrote an article for a newspaper here. Well, not so much an article but more of a column. I didn’t expect them to publish it but they did! Imagine my excitement when they replied saying they were considering it for publication followed by emails of showing it to their editor followed by confirmation that it would be in today’s paper?!

I’m well excited! But it’s a really lame piece of writing now that I’ve re-read it for the 1679th time!

If any of you remember this, guess who got a call last week with an offer of all the photos (all 60 odd of them) for a mere £100?!

Yep – they called and said that they were “clearing their database so would like to offer Miss Scrumpy an opportunity to purchase them (before they disappear into the world forever!)”.

Now this sounded too good to be true so I asked them to call back and discussed with B and a colleague – M. Apparently it was too good a chance to miss but M said to make sure I haggle and try and get the price down. I’m not very good at all this bargaining stuff. If you charge me something that sounds reasonable; I won’t question it and will buy it there and then (yeah, I’m easy – we’ve already had this conversation!). When the “sales consultant” called back I told him that I can only afford £70 and thus I didn’t want the CD. Cue him putting me on hold for a few seconds to “discuss with his manager” and leave me thinking “WTF is going on?!”. He came back 30 seconds later saying he’d “do that for me today”. “Oh, why thank you. I’m so grateful” I gushed back – NOT! So in the end between me and B – we only had to pay £35 – result. And they are now on FB in all their pride and glory!

I’m only gutted I didn’t go in at least a tenner lower if I’d known it’d be that easy!!!


10 thoughts on “A Published Writer!

  1. Wahey, congrats! I’m waiting till I can publish a research paper for me to be a ‘published writer’…sad, I know :DAnd that’s some major haggling! Just a q…is the company going bust, by any chance? Not to knock your haggling skills but that is a serious drop in price!

  2. Pseudo: Well – a research paper is better than my lil’ column so I’ll wait until I can google you and find that you’ve changed the ways in the academic world!Dili: You probably could except that it has my name on it and everything! I might email it to you!Kalu: Lol – you are too lovely!~ lo$t $oul ~: I’m trying! :)Dee: I would love to – but the real name on there makes me a bit wary!Azrael: Thank you! :)Rine: Thank you! I haven’t commented on your blog in a while but I have been lurking! :)Gehan: Plenty I can’t do… though I’ll just leave the mind to boggle! 🙂

  3. @Scrump: Aww pls do… you have my email and everything already ne… Im not NB with all his ‘detective’ skilz 😛 😀 I wont out you 🙂 promise.

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