No More Drama

No I’m not doing a karaoke version of Mary J. Blige but I’m slightly worried about the future of the blogosphere and it’s inhabitants. People are disappearing at an alarming rate and it seems as though no one has anything remotely interesting to talk about (not that I’m one that to talk!).

Where are the poems dedicated to heartache and anguish?

Where are the lame as well as commendable attempts of being funny?

Where are undying declarations of love?

And where are the mind numbing posts that just make people smile or laugh?


9 thoughts on “No More Drama

  1. I had a post dedicated to complete and utter misery about 10 days ago. I have never tried to be funny, and will probably remain that way. I’m going to see Wolverine in 2hrs so there’ll probably be a post declaring my undying love for Hugh Jackman soon.:DIt has been a tumultuous period in the blogosphere, but it’s nothing that doesn’t mimic reality. It’ll probably tend towards equilibrium soon and everything will become more sustainable. Give it time :)But while we’re waiting…some funny posts from you (like this one) might help, missy! 😀

  2. Gehan: So I see! 🙂 Good to have you back! :)Pseudo: You’re quite right – you did. I’m still waiting for the Jackman post! And clearly my mind in the gutter posts are the way forward!Jaded: Lol. I guess I can let you off!Fallen: The title? The blog or the post?!~ lo$t $oul ~: I meant recent heartbreak! :-PDili: Lol! I’m sure it wasn’t that bad! Good luck! 🙂

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