The Simple Things

It was a long weekend here this weekend. Don’t you just love it when you get an extra day of laying in for no apparent reason?!

I feel asleep on the sofa late Sunday afternoon (clearly doing nothing exhausts me!). I could hear my siblings chattering in the background – making fun of me for falling asleep in 10 minutes (it’s a talent of mine!). Clearly not a deep sleep but it was so nice to just close my eyes.

I remember my parents “Awwwing over me. Me mumbling something about my feet being cold and my father covering me with the sleeping bag.

I remember my mum telling me to go and sleep in my bed. She always worries that I’ll get some crick in my neck that I’ll never get rid off making it even harder for her to marry me off (well she never said that but you know…!)!

And I remember my sister kissing me on my cheek repetitively and encouraging my brother to do it as well. Both of them laughing at my semi state of consciousness and kissing either cheek. I think they were willing me to wake up in a bid to entertain them.

It is the very simple things that make me smile and as I sit here and type; I can’t help but do just that.

Happy Monday People! šŸ™‚


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