Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality!

And we all know who gave it to him….
I couldn’t help but post this which I received as a forward! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality!

  1. Hey 🙂 Just to let you know I’m closing shop for good. This was one of the blogs I really enjoyed reading. I know I’m going to miss reading but just wanted to say Thank you and good luck. Keep going.I am going to stick to my last blog post. I always knew you lurked on my blog and I did the same. Thanks and God bless 🙂 NB

  2. Rannelee: I know! :)Pseudo: You have issues – clearly! :-PGG: I’m so pleased! :)NB: Good luck dude!T: I know!Sach: Inna?! :)Angel: Aiyoo indeedy!Dee: She can’t help it that it was her love that killed him! :)Gehan: Well, a girl’s got to do what she’s got to do right?!Jerry: You must be the slowest person ever! :-PAnd – clearly it’s just Gehan and Jerry may be the only males interested in celebrity news! 😛

  3. Issues? Me? Never! :PKermit was smart and funny…I could overlook the webbed feet and excessive green pigmentation. As you can see I was a lot less shallow back then 😛

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