You know when you write/text/type šŸ™‚ on the end of your messages when what you really want to write is “x” and denote that you fancy the socks off that person and wish that they could get their arse into gear so that you can both start flirting with each other?

No you don’t know? Oh, must just be me then! šŸ˜›


9 thoughts on “Signals

  1. I thought you need three? As in ‘xxx’? ‘x’ just means “Yeah I’m a girl” and ‘xx’ just means “smoochies hun”…right? No? Oh :S.And if you want to let them know you’re in a flirtatious mood, you need ;-), not :-)! Sheesh Scrumpy šŸ˜›

  2. Whacky: Lol – you certainly do! x (;-))Pseudo: Girl – you’re too advanced for me! I never knew any of that! Maybe the šŸ˜‰ though!Gehan: They were probably using Pseudo’s system with you! šŸ˜‰ (No that’s not me flirting – that’s me being mischievious!)T: Thank f**k I’m not alone!~ lo$t $oul ~: Go for it! Are you using Pseudo’s system or mine for the “x”?! :-PJP: I think it’s a universal thing. And sure it works both ways! You can’t expect us women to do all the work! ;-)Dili: Probably too many! Make up for lost time!Jerry: And now you do! Consider yourself enlightened! šŸ˜›

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