Hot or Not?!

Which adjective do you best prefer to describe aesthetics?

I was having (clearly a deep and meaningful!) conversation with a friend (male) last night about the female population and looks and then progressed onto the male population and looks.

Ladies: Do you prefer being called hot/sexy/beautiful/pretty or any other adjective that describes your looks favourably?

Gents, your turn: Hot/handsome/sexy/rugged/beautiful or whatever else suits your fancy?

I only ask because he said that hot girls are girls that you can’t take home to meet your mother (think Kim Kardashian) and beautiful/pretty girls are the ones you can (Jessica Alba was the example we used)!

So basically the hot girls are the “dirty” girls?! Or are they……?!


9 thoughts on “Hot or Not?!

  1. Oh wow I get to choose?! I ā™„ wishful thinking :DTo be honest, to me…’pretty’ seems kinda plain, ‘beautiful’ seems kinda old-fashioned, and ‘sexy’ seems kinda like your friend’s definition of ‘hot’. Hot on the other hand, is the term I’d use to describe someone whose attractiveness is a combination of their looks and their personality. So yeah, hot all the way! šŸ˜€

  2. HOT – SEXY – RUGGED – SCRUFFY wud do just abt fine…and as for not wanting / able to take a HOT chick home to meet mommy, sons knows mom’s best of her jealousy not to share her son with another pretty lady.. a tantrum he cant handle.. šŸ™‚

  3. lol @ urchin! :Di think as a guy, if a girl calls me ‘beautiful’ i’d be mildly offended.. lol.. but ‘hot’ would be the extent to which id expect any girl to go.. handsome and rugged sound jus.. fake? šŸ˜€ the day a girl calls me ‘sexy’ will be da day i can die in peace…. šŸ˜€

  4. I think it depends on the context… See, people like my parents take ‘hot’ wrong, but i like to hear it sometimes :)@urchin mmmm an ice cream voice :Dshakes head @Gehan. You’re sexy. There, I said it. šŸ˜›

  5. Hish: Lol. I won’t shoot you! :)Urchin: Each to their own! :)Pseudo: You’re a beautiful hottie in my opinion! šŸ™‚ I totally agree with your definition. To me a guy who is hot is someone who has it all!~ lo$t $oul ~: Any of the above then! :)JP: Well seeing as I can’t leave random comments about your hotness on your blog – you’ll just have to keep visiting back! :-PGehan: Stop fishing for compliments! I have seen numerous comments on your blog about your “sex appeal”. You have quite the female following! :-PHijinx: I totally get it!

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