I’ve had five days without the internet. At a time when all was crucial in SL and I needed to get my dose of my regular blogs and news feeds – I was screwed. But it’s not so bad. I’ve managed to have a quick catch up.

And so it’s the end of the war. And everyone is harping on about a united SL and equal rights for everyone in SL and the fall of the LTTE. And this is good news. It really is. There is nothing I want more than to be able to visit the home of my parents and grandparents and know that I am welcome there. That I won’t be seen as a member of the Tamil Diaspora highly generalised as a supporter of the LTTE.

I have always loved visiting SL. Though there has never been a time when I could just book a flight and not think about the implications of travelling there. “Can I visit Jaffna?”, “Will it be safe?”, “What will happen if I’m stopped by the police?” amongst so many others. Now that time is over.

Obviously I have doubts. For a government who claimed that the leader of the LTTE was shot, than have his body so badly burnt in an escaping ambulance that was blown up so that it was unidentifiable to then being shot again – seriously?! Maybe with your eagerness to show the world was over, you have shot yourselves in the foot of your own accord!

It will be a long time before the wounds heal. And definitely not without leaving scars but I have so much hope for the future of SL. That’s all one can have.


3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. I am sure that if you contact the High Commission they will be more than happy to have you volunteer as much as the thousands of SL diaspora who volunteer there to peacefully seek resolutions to the war.

  2. Anon: After I wrote the blog post – that was exactly what I searched for in Google. Thanks for the advice though I feel the tone in which your message seems to have been conveyed (though I could have totally misinterpreted) a lil’ sarcastic for want of a better word.

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