Awkward Silences

You know when you work in a building for long enough that you can recognise people and they recognise you but you never acknowledge each other because you don’t work in the same department or you haven’t been formally introduced to them so you don’t feel it’s “right” to say hello or smile or even make eye contact (you know – walk past with your eyes glued to the floor and hope they didn’t see you/recognise you and hope for the best that you don’t walk into something!)?! Yeah those moments suck.

But what about when you’re in an elevator (lift) with them. What do you do then?!

It’s difficult isn’t it? I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if it was a person that was at least Jack Point a mega hottie and you could fantasise about illicit elevator activities* (if you have enough floors to have a good attempt at least!)!

There’s only so long that you can stand in silence before one of you tries to make trivial conversation. Just when you thought the awkwardness couldn’t get any better – it does!

*So I’m horny – sue me!


8 thoughts on “Awkward Silences

  1. @St.Fallen – not so SAINT are we??@Scrumpy – pull out ur phone n pretend your reading a important business text or email :D*how many floors in the building and which floor you work on..really matters… πŸ˜›

  2. you hussy! :pjust kidding. but it looks like the kottu ladies are once again going about on a boost-the-ego-of-the-men campaign. i saw another hot male blogger list somewhere.

  3. @ PP – hey, don’t hate πŸ˜› i was on that list! lol…. :Dand scrumpy, make up ur mind… one min ur on da verge o getting married and da next ur contemplating mad elevator sex with random coworkers… πŸ˜›

  4. Hey PP”boost-the-ego-of-the-men campaign.” there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. Indeed it needs to be done more regularly. I’m sure it will make the world a better place……:)

  5. St Fallen: You know me too well!Pseudo: If only! *sigh*~lo$t $oul~: He’s not so Saint-ish is he?!And you don’t think I would have thought through about the number of floors and stuff?! ;-)Dee: I know! *swoon*PP: I resent that! I am more of a floozy than a hussy! :-PGehan: Stop hating that I can at least contemplate random elevator sex! :-PBesides – until the ring is on the finger….:-PJP: I will boost your ego any time! πŸ˜‰ **so I’m a floozy – sue/screw me!

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