Chicken Pieces

Which do you prefer?





Surely you know what kind of chicken pieces I mean by now?!

And I’m not just asking the males…..

I’m always usually jealous of a chicken’s legs coz I hate mine!

*And is it so wrong that I love reading the Padashow?! (And no doubt I will now get pwned by it!)


14 thoughts on “Chicken Pieces

  1. legs.. no contest.. oh wait, is this one of those things where u put em in order of decreasing preference??no? oh… lol…and yes, padashow ‘hit’ me as well… bastard…

  2. boobs! I dunno why but I’m kinda drawn in by them… :)But a good face beats all, in my book… ;)Not a big Padashow fan but I still read him… 😦

  3. well.. first I used to be a Breast man… then turned into a Ass man… now I wouldn’t mind Breast, Ass or legs even… lolbut what really really gets me is eyes.. its all about the eyes baby.. πŸ˜‰

  4. Scrumpy’s on a roll here :)Anyway now that we are on the subject, ass and legs for me (they go together).I’ll second Gehan’s vote for eyes. Expressive eyes and long eyelashes are something else. Full lips too. Is it Priyanka Chopra who has gorgeous lips?And don’t worry about your legs, almost no South Asian has good legs, but we love ’em anyway.

  5. Personally I think anyone can be ‘blessed’ with a decent pair of breasts but it takes a bit more work to have toned thighs, legs and an ass (and i’m gonna include tummy there too!).

  6. Gehan: No it's not one of those order thingies. You've got to admit though – Padashow is very quick witted!Just Chillin': Padashow does it in such a way that it's quite entertaining and not personal which makes it all the more light hearted and fun to read! :)St. Fallen: Lol! Breasts – udnerstandable. Thighs… well good for you! ;)Pseudo: Apparently you have the longest legs in the SL blogosphere?! I hate you! :-PPB: Love the way you've phrased it! Ass is the way forward I guess! :-PChavie: Drawn in huh?! Oh reeeeally?! πŸ˜› Each to their own I guess! :)StillHearts: Desperate times huh?! :-PJP: Why thank you (I think)> Priyanka Chopra? Really?!Angel: Welcome to the club! :)Darwin: I do agree but some people were bless with all 4 (bitches!) and it's sad I wasn't one of them! :(~lo$t $oul~: The order doesn't matter in the slightest! πŸ™‚

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