I Am Officially A Geek!

And proud of it too!

And I didn’t need to take one of those quizzes to prove it!

Why? Because the first link I clicked on as I logged onto the BBC News website this morning was this one! And my reaction was “That is awesome!”.

Such a geek! 🙂


6 thoughts on “I Am Officially A Geek!

  1. lol, it IS kinda awesome, but without rival US and Soviet teams engaging in the fight to put through rival names for new elements, it's kinda become boring now… 😉

  2. Chavie: It's too awesome! :)Pseudo: Well that I can now picture after yesterday! :-PNiroshinie: I wouldn't even know if we could nominate names but that would be cool!JP: Card carrying and proud! :-P~ lo$t $oul ~: Yeah I am! I'm bad like that! 😛

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