Good Weather

The thing about good weather is everyone looks beautiful. More cyclists come out and I sit and swoon at the calf muscles on display. I guess the weather being this good does have some perks!


4 thoughts on “Good Weather

  1. Don't forget the topless hotties 😉 All's well until they turn that 'boiled flesh' colour :SP.S.-sorry I haven't responded to txt…been crazy busy! Will get round to it, promise 🙂

  2. LD: I think I'd get along very well with her!PR: See – I prefer calves though a washboard stomach is not something I would rebuke! But yeah – horrible horrible pinky flesh does no one any favours!Don't worry about the reply text! I just did it because I can!Dili: I'm guessing a few but probably coz I am causing them concern by freaking them out with my staring! 🙂

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