Work Rant!

I hate where I fucking work on Mondays and Tuesdays!

So fucking much!

And my brother is covering for me whilst I am away for 4 weeks – poor thing!

They’re just so fucking lame!


5 thoughts on “Work Rant!

  1. @ Anon, FUCKING Thanks. I never FUCKING meant it in a bad way. She seemed to use loads of FUCKING in her FUCKING post, so i FUCKING did the same in my FUCKING comment. Like just FUCKING copy cat joke. Nothing FUCKING serious. Meant a FUCKING joke….Anyway, Scrumps is a doc? God save her FUCKING patients 🙂

  2. NB: Your advice (as always) is appreciated if never to be heeded! :)Anon: I don't remember saying I was a doctor but many thanks for jumping to my defence. I think NB was trying to be humourous but I wouldn't focus on it too much. :)Pseudo: In my mind I'm already there! :)NB: Wow – it's really easy to grate your nerves isn't it? Not everyone is going to understand your "humour" – let it go. And my patients have nothing to fear – you don't need to worry about God saving them!

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