Less Blogging

In 72 hours, I will be in a departure lounge waiting for my flight to be announced.

Destination: Tamil Nadu – India.

I can not wait!

My friend from high school is getting married out there so I thought I’d go (I was invited!) and make the most of it. I have never been to India before so am extremely excited.

Whilst making my way through Chennai, Madurai, Bangalore, Pondicherry (not to mention all the other lil ‘ villages!) and last but not least Kerala before I arrive at the destination of the wedding, I will be taking an infinite amount of (rubbish) photos but it’s going to be great! And the pound is not doing so badly against the Indian rupee! I think that I may be more excited about the food more so than anything else!

4 weeks of limited blogging and blog reading but oh so worth it!


9 thoughts on “Less Blogging

  1. oh ur going to luurrrveee Bangalore. Pondicherry, i havent been too, but heard its superb. Chennai n madurai.. get ur shoppin flipflops out!! hehehave fun scrumpy…!!! oh btw how long you going to be there?!?! end of august?

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