The Happenings

What is it about men who can play a musical instrument and/or sing that just makes them so damn HOT talented?! I may have met the hottest most talented guy I know (no it wasn’t Mr Darkside – sorry Gehan!) on my recent trip but more about that later.

I am back from India and have a whole load of posts and blogs to catch up on. Those who have been blogging far too often – geeee thanks! I have to read all your posts and comments to get some small idea of what’s been going on. Those of you who haven’t – I couldn’t love you more! 🙂

And I go away for 4 weeks and so much happens – bloody hell! Especially when there’s been a wedding! Congratulations Isheeta! 🙂

India review/photos coming very shortly.


9 thoughts on “The Happenings

  1. lol… it is GREAT to have you back, my love, your spunk was missed… you could hear crickets on this blog! dying to hear about the hot music man, tell all!thanks for the mention, Yes, there was a wedding.. and there will be a bigger reception next year, so I have given you tons of advance notice! Show up in canada! 🙂 would love to have u around! 🙂

  2. Gehan: You missed me! :-PChavie: Why thank you! :)St. Fallen: Indeedy! :-P~ lo$t $oul ~: Oh – well I guess our time wasn't meant to be! :)Pseudo: I know! I will get back to your message I promise – I just haven't had a chance!And yes – thankful to have something to do at work but having been away for 4 weeks – I actually hqave work to do!Isheeta: I will definitely take you up on that offer! Weddings in general are awesome and who am I to miss the opportunity to party with hot accented (not a word I know) guys!JP: I think it defnitely is! Sing you say….. Interesting! I'll just have to try and flirt shamelessly with you via blog comments! 😛

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