I have one and I don’t really know how to use it!

It’s all very technical and the manual they give you with it is SHIT!

Technology is moving so damn fast and I am getting left waaaaaaaaaaaaay behind!


7 thoughts on “iPhone

  1. It's a lil too much for a freshbie… but once u get the hang of it you'd like it.. if your a heavy texter, first few days are going to be really tough or not with the qwerty onscreen keyboard. tilt it side ways it expands for more thumb space..which one u got btw 3gs i hope?play around with it..you'll get the hang of it.. 😉 might end up being ur new bf..

  2. I don't have an I phone but when ever I need to learn how to do stuff and operate stuff I check on youtube and 99% of the time you will see that some helpful individual has uploaded an easy to use video tutorial. Hope this suggestion might help.

  3. haiyo scrumpiiiii!!! *pats her on the head* there there…we dont discriminate…we love all our pretty lil cave girls!!! *hugs* Have fun with the new phone! do keep us updated on how things work out between you and the new found fone! Seeya! Cheers! Me.

  4. ~ lo$t $oul ~ : I did get the new one. And slowly but surely I'm getting better!Chanux: That sounds like a dig but how can I use it for 100% productivity when I don't get a proper manual to tell me how to maximise it's usage?! But at least I own a cool high tech gadget! :-PCJ: Thank you!Gehan: So patronising! :-PKK: I know you didn't just call me a cave girl! 😛 I will keep you updated.Jerry: I guess it's not so bad now… and it's been a whole week! 🙂

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