Is not something I’d say that I am.

But yesterday a hot guy who I thought was younger than me (which would have made it wrong for me to think about him in any attraction respect) and then actually found out that he was/is older than me played football with my sibling.

And not only being attractive (Phew!), he drives a very very nice looking car. I don’t know enough about cars but even my brother was impressed!

Not that this makes a difference but why is it that guys with nice cars (even if they are not that attractive) become just that lil’ bit more so?!*

*Shallow? Moi?!


8 thoughts on “Shallow

  1. Scrumpie you slut!!! :p A car?!?! A measley fours wheels and a engine…*sigh* yacht love YACHT!!! Fall for the toyboy with the boat babes!!! (I'm assuming this is like the girl version of my shallowness – I want the hot air hostess, just coz she'll bring me gifts from every corner of the earth..oooh!!!) *grin* *hugs* Love. Kaiser.

  2. Do you really think a guy younger than you is a "No Go Zone"? Personally I believe age is just a number. Amazingly research shows that the ideal compatibility when it comes to pro creation is between a female in her 40's and a male in his early 20's (post teens).

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