I haven’t posted the happiest stuff recently and it’s not likely to get better any time soon. How many more times can my heart get broken? You think I would have realised by now that putting myself emotionally out there will only result in more tears. But I am not that strong. What you see is the way that I feel. And you might think that when your heart is broken and the hurt begins to stop that your heart is fixed. But it’s not. It just temporarily been duct taped together to break once more. More easily. And it hurts just as much each time.


12 thoughts on “Again

  1. LOKUMA LOKU HUG EKAKAK.Yeah like Pseudo said my hugs arent very effective either.We've all been there, aney u just have to keep pushing forward cause after all how long are u gonna live anyway? Eh? TC!Its just the follies of youth hormones waging war against the world. Patience is rewarded they say

  2. From someone who gets into some very dark places every now and then…all I can say is that there will be good moments amongst the pain.:)

  3. do you think it is cause woman lurve falling in and out of love ? I sometimes wonder if they ever fall in lurve with the man but with the act itself. Apologies, but there seem to be a lot of emo stuff going around.

  4. Pseudo: Lol! Yeah – we've met and you're right. Your bear hugs probably won't be that effective.GG: I'm sure that first sentence is you giving me a hug! :)N: Thanks.Dili: Being squished is not so bad! :)HH: Let's hope so.Santhoshi: Thank you.JP: Aww – those words will do just fine.St Fallen: Again with the snuggle of doom?! :-PAnonymous: Oh the comment I've been wanting to respond to. Did I mention that my heart was broken because I had fallen in love?! Do you think that you can comprehend that your heart can be broken because of many diffenrent things?! If you'd read any of the previous posts – you'd probably have made the connection that my heart wasn't broken because the woman in me lurrrrrves falling in love! The lack of comprehension astounds me!Dee: Awww – bless your heart but I think I'm a lil' far away to take you up on that offer! 🙂

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