Musically Challenged – Deux

I am going to see the Backstreet Boys tonight.

Yes, I’m bad!

Yes, you can ridicule me as much as you want.

Yes, I will not take any notice.

Yes, Backstreet is back!


17 thoughts on “Musically Challenged – Deux

  1. WHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTT?!?!?Do ppl still listen to em.. ok ok.. i use to listen to em back in the days.. but going to a concert!! u must be bored at home or still have a heartrobber in the band.. still!!

  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~: In all honesty, I don't have their last two albums but I was an avid fan so it would have not been cool not to go!Sabby: Backstreet's back man!St. Fallen: Yes. Just… Yes.PR: Dude! It was awesome! No chairs though! But I sung along so that's got to count for something right?Jane Doe: Welcome! Lol! It was amazing.Gehan: This means you don't love me anymore?! You're so fickle! Disassociating yourself from me all because I like BSB! :-PJP: Could you get any hotter?! ;-)T: Everybodaaaaaaaaaaaaay – rock your body right *do do do do* Backstreet's back alright! :-PDee: But to be honest – there aren't that many boy bands around anymore that do relate to today's youth. I mean we have the Jonas brothers. And boy bands aren't currently considered mainstream I don't think.Santhoshi: It was so much fun! :)PP: Awww! I don't either! Luckily they sang majority of their classic hits! :)Angel: Awww! It's ok. I'm sure they'll visit SL one day (!).GG: Awww! Well, they can be called ghey all they want! They were still awesome!Btw – Nick has aged so well! He is mega hot!

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