Dreams. How many of us have them? Or more to the point; how many of us actually remember having them?

I am not a big dreamer. In fact I hardly think I have dreams (or I do but I don’t remember them!) and when I do dream, I wake up thinking I need to tell somebody but in all honesty forget it within about 3 minutes!

But this morning I had a dream which was quite vivid and it really disturbed me.

For some strange reason, I was at a parade maybe. To begin with I was with friends and we were walking down a leafy path and it was dark – the street lights were switched on so it clearly was late in the evening. I remember seeing a girl I used to be friends with and her (now) husband but she was in traditional wedding attire as was he. I remember walking over to them (thinking “WTF?!”) and asking if they were going to have the ceremony later on that evening. And she replied that they were getting married straight after the parade. At that point, her bridesmaids came over (people that I really don’t talk to!) and I made polite conversation before excusing myself to catch up with my friends.

At this point, even my dream went into slow motion – you know when you’re watching it all happening thinking “WTF?!”. One of the bridesmaids grabbed me just as I was about to walk away and pulled me away from a guy who was approaching me (us) and said to me – “Stay away from him – he’s trouble!”. I have no idea who the guy was but I recognised him in the dream as someone who I’ve seen out at random Lankan parties.

Next thing I know, the scene gets all fast and furious-ey on me. A bunch of people run past us clearly chasing a skinny young boy. And then the parade kinda turns into this mass hooligan group some of who are jeering at the chasing group to “Get him. Get him” which I can only assume relates to the boy. Myself, I forage my way to the front of the mass of the hooligan group as I’m screaming “leave him!”. What I was planning to do, I have no idea! Would I have thrown myself between the boy and the chasing group? Seriously?!

But I get to the front of the crowd and I see that there is a body on fire on the floor rolling around screaming.

And then my alarm went off! It’s disturbed me so much and I really don’t know why! Compared to this dream which seems peachy in comparison!


3 thoughts on “Vivid

  1. That's interesting… there could be something to that. You should read up on some dream interepretation.I'm a lucid dreamer… I have crazy dreams of witches, warlocks from a parallel universe, aliens, gremlins, dinosaurs and wild beast… I like it though. It's fun =D

  2. Hi.. Wow, that's pretty vivid. Some dreams can be like that right? Vivid & disturbing. I also dream really weird stuff sometimes & wake up all shaky & disturbed. A very interesting post. 🙂

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