A Snow Filled Thought

I know the title doesn’t make any sense. But because it’s Christmas – I don’t care.

The weather here has been somewhat awful to say the least. Don’t get me wrong, I love snow. I love it when I know that I am safe inside the confines of my own home and I don’t need to go out and that when I do have to go out, hopefully it’ll all have melted away and it will be safe to walk on the pavements without fear of slipping over and hurting myself!

Yesterday though I was at work and the snow fall from the weekend had yet to disperse and what was left of it had turned to a sludgy slushy ice fest. Sitting in my office counting down the hours until I could go home, I saw snow start to fall. Not only falling but actually settling. Crap is what I initially thought to myself because I knew that driving home would be a nightmare.

I decided then that I would try and leave half an hour early in a bid to get home within a reasonable time. 45 minutes later, I am still on the same road. The road that I had parked on. The road which usually takes me 2 minutes to get across!

In all it took me three and a half hours to get home. A journey that usually takes me an hour. I’m just happy that I got home safe. I saw one car turn a corner at about 5mph and the back end of his car just kept going and he ended up hitting two parked cars. Poor guy.

Despite some crazy drivers (seriously – it’s snowing! We’re all driving at 10mph but yet you seem to want to drive past us at 20 and try and cut us all up!), sometimes you see things that redeem your faith in human kindness. Cars were struggling to drive uphill, and I saw people (pedestrians/passenger of other cars) all helping to push those that were stuck and having helped one car, come back and help another. And all this despite the mini snow storm type thing that was going on.

Made me smile.


3 thoughts on “A Snow Filled Thought

  1. Eeeeek! I'm glad someone else sees past the "ooh snow…pwetty!" and realises what a nightmare travelling is in such weather. Glad you got home ok eventually.I'm kinda gutted that I'm missing the fluffy white snow, but not missing the icy sludge at all. Will show you some beach pics when I get back 😉

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