And So It Is Christmas

You know how sometimes people get confused. I am one of those people. And the sometimes means more than often.

Raised as a Hindu, educated by the Church of England, best friends with a Muslim and from a country where Buddhism is the majority religion and a scientist by profession means that I am more than liberal with my religious values!

Christmas in the West has evolved so fast. So much thought goes into food and presents as opposed to the celebration of the birth of Christ.

I went to a carol service a few days ago. A very simple one. I like carol services. The singing of carols takes me back to when I was a child and I used to sing with great gusto as I played an angel or king or shepherd – even Mary once in my school Nativity play!

But this is not about that. The Father of the small chapel in his sermon gave me a lot to think about which I want to mention here in my own lil’ way.

I’m not preaching but for all of you out there that have been taken in by all the presents and the lights and the food, please try to remember that there are those out there that are less fortunate than yourselves. Those who have had a tough year. Those who won’t be receiving gifts. Those who have lost loved ones. Those who can’t afford to lay on a grandeur meal. Those who won’t have a roof over their heads this Christmas amongst so many other reasons that I could list.

I just want you to take some time out and spare a thought for them and how if you haven’t this year, think about how maybe next year you, I and we could help them. Because as much as we all like to receive, receiving a smile and knowing you made a difference (no matter how small) is the best gift!

Merry Christmas people.

Scrumps, x

6 thoughts on “And So It Is Christmas

  1. Hello Scrumpy belated Christmas and New year wishes from this end I was just reading your post and this brought to mind a conversation I had with one of my friends about St. Nicholas a good soul who actually helped the poor. And Santa was all about helping others who did not have but sadly now Christmas is more about helping those who have or helping ones self. Guess we all learn from the politicos when it comes to the last statement.

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