Certain forms that you may fill out may ask you about dependents. I guess for most people, they’re asking about children.

I don’t have any children but sometimes I think of my relationship with my siblings. I know that in most instances I do mother them. I don’t think I can help it. I’m the eldest and I have always been and will be protective of them.

Today I did something stupid. One of my siblings told me something and I gave the complete wrong response and was quite selfish about it. I feel horrible. I’ve apologised and I know that it’s nothing that is major. My siblings and I fight one moment and will be back to normal within a few minutes but I feel awful. I’ve just sat there with them as they fell asleep. And I watched them for a lil‘ while. And I kept thinking, how could I be such a bitch to upset them?

This is a crap post which makes absolutely no sense but I feel like shit.


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