Status Update

The weekend was spent celebrating Appa’s 60th. It meant that the alcoholic parent (AP) could have a field day. Saturday was spent with a few of his friends and their families. Families meaning their young children. Entertaining and playing host is hard enough for me and siblings when we’re running in and out of the kitchen trying to feed people, pour drinks and even make a cup of tea. But when we’re faced with 4 year olds, as good as we are with children, we just don’t have enough toys in our house to keep them entertained! The AP was on good form though. Drank, chatted and managed to take themselves off to bed without ruining it for everyone.

The Sunday was family day. I love coming from a big family. Don’t get me wrong it has its disadvantages – plenty of them but I have so many cousins and aunts and uncles with whom I get along well and enjoy seeing every once in a while! Highlight of my day was looking for my Sithappa (who had a bit too much to drink) and finding him passed out on my brother’s bed! I’ll upload a photo of the beautiful cake that I had made.

I have a new job. In fact, I’ve had it since before Christmas but I haven’t started yet. I start next week and guess what? They’re sending me to Switzerland for training purposes! How exciting is that? I’ve never been in a foreign city by myself though and the idea is a lil’ daunting!

And I have a blind date on Saturday.

Clearly I wouldn’t have been able to fit this all onto my FB status update!


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