New Era

I guess you want details of the date first? Fine!

The blind date (BD) was organised by a friend of mine (D) and the only detail I had from D about the BD was that his name was J. D booked the table at the restaurant and gave me a time and a place. Arriving a lil’ late, I told the waiter that I had a table booked and he informed me that there was a gentleman waiting for me. I can’t say that I was nervous because I didn’t know anything about J so I didn’t have any expectations. It was a nice feeling to not expect anything. As I walked over to the table, I was greeted by a tall (and we all know how important that is to me!), Caucasian and cute guy.

“Impressive!” is what I thought to myself but with still an evening of dinner to get through, I didn’t get too excited. Conversation flowed smoothly most of the evening but that was mainly due to me. J was very sweet and I enjoyed his company immensely but I think the evening made me realise that I need someone who is a lil’ more confident and is a bit more vocal. We exchanged numbers and I doubt that it will develop into anything apart from a casual friendship. But at least it’s something that I can tell the grand kids!

Speaking of the opposite sex, recently I have been prone to a bout of wolf whistling which, maybe when I was younger I would have felt slightly pleased about but now I was highly embarrassed (though a lil’ pleased!). The wolf whistling I can deal with; though cringing as to what I about to write next! Yesterday a very young looking boy (20?) approached me with “Wow. Hey sexy. You are buff!” (the first definition by the way!). I may have actually gone red and as a Sri Lankan we all know how difficult that is! It was horrible! But the price we must pay I guess! *eye rolling*

The “New Era” title does not reflect my new found desirability to the opposite sex. In fact, I have started my new job and though it seems as though they expect oodles from me and I don’t have the first clue, I have a good feeling about this.
And it helps that they want to give me a company American Express card! Wooooooo!

(A very rushed post with spelling and grammar mistakes – apologies!)


7 thoughts on “New Era

  1. Well at least he was easy on the eye! I'm dying without eye candy over here :-|LOL at the wolf whistling :DAnd ooh la la laaaaah re the job! First the trip to Switzerland and now this? Very nice 😀 Hope you're enjoying the work they expect you to do!

  2. Pseudo: That he was! Come on. Tall beautiful Cambridge grads? Are you sure there's no eye candy?!JP: Lol. It took you this long to realise that you need to get to know me better?! And all it took was me to write that someone wolf whistled at me?! If only you'd told me earlier! :-P~LS~: Am Ex card + Scrump = potential danger. Only time will tell!Sabby: Indeed!Black Rose: Why thank you. :)T: What I meeeeeeeeean is that I get a corporate Am Ex card. It's a plastic card that allows me to spend and then the company pay for my expenditure! :-P;-)

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