Uncool is not a word. Microsoft Outlook tells me that!

A is getting married! (Have I mentioned this yet?!) Yep, this summer and I am excited! His bride-to-be (R) has a love for Krispy Kremes (most foods!) and we’ve hung out many times without him so I’m all for it! And she is sooo nice! I actually love her! 🙂 Below is the majority of our email conversation from yesterday. (Sorry for not putting it up in the usual format – too much space otherwise!) As always – read from the bottom up!

(Background info – A and I are going out tomorrow night and R is in India trying to get bits and pieces for the wedding whilst dealing with a very unenthusiastic A! And the rude words are ****ed out because of work email related filters! And the fact that life as we both know it is kinda over (even though he bought me the box set a few weeks ago – awwwww!))


From S To A: Well now you know! (No wonder we are uncool – we really need to get out more and maybe find quotes from more relevant and recent TV programmes!)

From A To S: Lol in the words of Phoebe…I have had a taste if my own medicine…and it is bitter!!!!

From S To A: I’m being mean?! It hurts doesn’t it when the shoe is on the other foot! Fighting fire with fire my friend! Fire with fire!!!!!!!!

From A To S: Lol…stop being mean innit?

From S To A: No you’re not. You are not nice enough! I hate you!

From A To S: Lol nooooooo!!!! In your face!!! Haha (ok now Im sorry)

From S To A: Are you?! Are you really?!

From A To S : Lol I am sorry!!!!

From S To A: 😦 You go back to being mean so easily!

From A To S: You are the only one that makes me look cool…haha

From S To A: Do you think I’m uncool?! Is this because I told you I watched Tamil serials?! OK – so you think I’m uncool – but you put up with me right? So it’s fine. If you really think I’m uncool then so be it. 😦

From A To S: But I think you un-cool and vice versa…haha

From S To A: Lol. Oh, allow it then. An a-bomb will take out innocents too and the deluded (those who think we are cool!). So they think we’re not cool. Or even if they just think I’m not cool, there are only a handful of people whose opinions matter to me!

From A To S: We would need to drop an a-bomb man

From S To A: Oh that is unfortunate! Drive by?!

From A To S: There are too many of them…lol

From S To A: WHO?! WTF?! Tell me who those mofos are! :

From A To S: Yeh true…other people think we soo uncool tho!!!!

From S To A: Because we are comfortable with how uncool people may think we are. We don’t care if other people think we are not cool. We live our lives to our rules. And we’re bad! 🙂

From A To S: No y?

From S To A: But we are cool. And do you know why?!

From A To S: We need to become cooler man

From S To A: It’s amazing!

From A To S: That is marketing genius…awesome innit?

From S To A: Lol! We amuse ourselves with some pointless sh*t inna?! :S Yesterday I saw a scaffolding company’s van which said “Make sure your e**ction is in safe hands”. Made me laugh on the motorway – not good when you’re travelling at 100mph with dodgy tires!

From S To A: This is how the Tamil mind works! Awesome inna?! It’s like that cupboard that Monica has with all her junk!

From A To S: Yep lol…

From S To A: You’re going to put all the junk that’s taking up sleeping space into a cupboard?!

From A To S: No making space innit?

From S To A: Oh right! And by building a cupboard – how are you preparing the house for summer? Visiting mans aren’t going to sleep in it are they?! You need a sofa bed or something!

From A To S: No I mean we going sat…just to the party!!!!!!

From S To A: Seriously! Help the girl out. She’s paavam. It’s bad enough she’s dealing with you who has little interest!
So basically – the whole week you have been telling me about Sat this and Sat that and then you flop! You’re not going to be building a cupboard in the evening though are you?! DUST!

From A To S: How is it a flop…mans are getting house ready for summer innit? Bare long… Allow thoughtful…


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