The Same Old Story

I hate girls. I really do. OK, maybe hate is too strong a word but I really dislike them. And maybe girls is too much of a generalisation. Just RL. So basically I dislike RL.

B’s getting married (Whoooooooo!). It’s kind of happened quickly and I am soooooo pleased for her. RL and B have been getting on really well recently and I can wholeheartedly say that this does not bother me. Wholeheartedly.

So RL phoned me yesterday and this is our convo went:

RL: I just thought I’d call so we could squeal about B coz we haven’t really spoken about it
Me: Oh right. Yeah, I’m really pleased for her.
RL: *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal*
Me: Yeah, I’m really happy for her. Sorry I’m not much of a squealer.
RL: Oh.
Me: I’m just sad that she’s going to move.
RL: (in what I think was a really patronizing voice): I know. It’s so sad. All your best friends are getting married! Are you OK?
Me: Yeah. I mean – *area where B is moving to* is only a few hours away and it’s not like I see B everyday anyway. Most of our friendship is over the phone. Besides – he seems really nice.
RL: Yeah, I haven’t met him yet.
Me: Me neither.
RL: Why don’t you come when I go to meet him then? I’m going to meet him the weekend after my birthday. Why don’t you come along?
Me: Erm… sure.
RL: Scrumps – are you busy? Do you need to go?
Me: Er.. Actually yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll talk to you soon. *formalities of goodbyes and take cares*

So seriously – does she think that I am going to fall apart because my friends are getting married? Or the fact that she thinks she’ll meet my best friend’s fiancé before me?! Or the fact that she thinks I’m a squealer?! (I’m much more of a “woooooo hooooo” -er!

I’m being a bitch I know! But it’s a vicious cycle – RL annoys me, I keep my distance, I feel bad, I initiate contact, she annoys me, I distance myself and so it continues…. But this time round, I’ve made the right decision. I’m just going to keep my contact to an absolute minimum – birthdays of mutual friends and the gazillions of weddings that I will have to go to this year!

Oh the dramas that are bound to ensue this year!


6 thoughts on “The Same Old Story

  1. (whispers) You could poison her you know!!! 😉 hehehand ps. Why is that thingy called WORD verification??? Is unjur a word??? :s *sigh* the things that bother this kaiser noh!!! heheh Have a great day aney! *hugs* *love*Me.

  2. Sabby: She truly is!T: You think? Maybe. I don't know. Imight just give up on the "friendship"… :SKasier: No one is going to poison anybody! Put those thoughts away!Santhoshi: I know inna?! :(JP: I don't know. We all knew similar people when we started uni and then she was going out with one of my friends so I guess by mutual association? So long ago now… 😦

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