Bloody Hell!!

Is this true?!

Forgive me for my ignorance but what does this mean for the people of SL?

And this is a serious question – but what incentives were there to vote for him?


8 thoughts on “Bloody Hell!!

  1. The sad truth is that every bit of that article is absolutely right… I have been made to understand that the young prince has a firm head on his shoulders and we can only hope that he would be less like his North Korean counter part (so to speak) and more like the PM of Singapore who is also the son of the former Head of State. But everything is in the hands of the higher powers as us mere mortals are unable to do a thing… In fact I am planning to change my name to Rajapakse.

  2. It probably means less for the people of SL than Jeremy Page would have us believe. Dynasties are a part of South Asian politics (think Nehru-Gandhi, Bhutto, Bandaranaike), so this is nothing new…I'm surprised that it got an entire article.As for incentives to vote for him…well in the photo they've used, Namal's slogan can be loosely translated as "let's develop our own town". If he's genuinely promoting social empowerment and encouraging people to take responsibility for the development of their own communities, then I'd say that's an incentive.

  3. Buy land in Hambanthota! The property value is surely gonna sky rocket, the guys apparently got Big plans for Hambanthota already drafted. So, it might not be that bad for the souhern ppl in general… for the rest of us..?

  4. CJ: Lol. I think if everyone changed their name – then everyone could get some kinda ruling power! :)PR: I understand the dynasties thing. I guess I should have made it clearer in the post but what incentives were there to vote for MR? Can you trust someone who (and this is what I think is happening so I could be completely wrong!)just seems to hand out parliamentary positions to his relatives and friends?Hisham: Apparently so!GG: Hitler was described as a dictator. VP could have been described as a dictator. Looking at the ends that they met – let's see what's in store for MR!ZackOzzy: Live nowhere near to buy land!JP: Like I said to PR – Io was surprised at the comments about how many people known personally to MR are in parliament. It's like a Tamil film! ALl the corruption and favouritism!

  5. I think for a considerable chunk of the voting population, the main concern is improving their quality of life…and I guess that has happened to a certain extent in recent times (I've heard about quite a bit of development in rural areas, and I'm guessing a lot of people are relieved that joining the army doesn't necessarily equate to signing a death warrant any more). These people aren't bothered about who does the job and how he/she got there, as long as the job is done. It's a selfish way of thinking about the situation, but I guess if our priorities in life were different, we'd probably think like that too.

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