Episodes with a MOP*

I think I have phases with this one.

Random episode last week:

MOP: And how are you doing? How’s everything going?
Me: *swoon* Yeah, it’s going good. I’m getting to grips with the system.
MOP: Have you been getting harassed on the communicator (internal version of msn messenger!) yet?
Me: *smiling ever so much* No, not yet. I don’t think people know who I am yet!
MOP: How can they not know who you are?! I’ll ping (message me on the communicator) you!
Me: *giggle like a love struck school girl* Thanks…

But then the other day I was listening to him and he does whinge like nobody’s business! It’s mad.

*MOP – Man of Power.


6 thoughts on “Episodes with a MOP*

  1. CJ: Lol. It wouldn't surprise me! :$ I'm sure there are plenty of WOPs out there!PR: It totally does! :PDelilah: I will try. Harmless flirting can be a lil' fun. :)JP: You can leave the moustache and goosestep at home. The uniform – please do bring along. :$LD: I'm pleased you can empathise! 🙂

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