Language Barrier & Love Yous

I nearly made it two years. TWO whole years!

There I was this morning, singing along to the radio and waiting for the cars to pass so I could get a gap to pull out and *THUD*. “Bollocks!” is what I thought as I said it out loud! So close to work. I checked my review mirror and I see the front grill. This was not a car and as I get out of the car, I see a fuck off massive truck! I am not a confrontational person so I didn’t get out ranting and raving.

Yes, that’s right. I had a car accident this morning. With a ginormous lorry. I am so pissed off just at the inconvenience of it all. To top it all off, it wasn’t a British trucker. It was a German trucker who didn’t speak English, didn’t understand English and looked completely bewildered! The back of my car is battered somewhat. The insurance company sent a recovery truck to pick the car up and take it to the garage. I can now tick “travel in a recovery truck” off my list of things to do before I’m 20 30 list.

I was at work for an hour before the truck came and brought me home. I managed to bring my work home though but have now developed some pain in my shoulders (delayed onset of whiplash maybe?) and I am going on my third date with J tonight (we’re going bowling!).

And if that was not bad enough, to top it all off, as I was talking to my insurer on the telephone, I ended our conversation with “Thanks very much. Love you”. I was aghast! I couldn’t believe that I’d said that. So I apologised profusely and hung up very sheepishly!

The thing is – I only talk to a few people on the phone – mainly family, A, B and S. And I always say “Love you” at the end of conversation. Clearly I just got carried away!


7 thoughts on “Language Barrier & Love Yous

  1. hahaha that's the funniest thing i've read in ages! thanks for the laugh! (oops i mean the 'i love you', not the accident – sorry to hear that part but glad to hear you're okay. you should get your shoulder checked though!)

  2. It's official. You're listening to too much Scott Mills 😛 (actually I don't think you can have 'too' much of him)Re the accident…ooer 😦 Glad it's something the insurance can sort out, and to echo the others, get the shoulder checked out! Hope bowling doesn't worsen it.

  3. Hmmm… I'd get that shoulder checked out if I were you…. at least you didn't pop out the "I love you" in the middle of a firey argument with the truck driver! lol…

  4. Crystal Flame: Thanks. :)Darwin: I'm pleased my embarassing episodes make you laugh! :PPseudo: I think I do. I actually love him. He's beautiful in a really sweet affectionate way!Santhoshi: I have a lot of love to give!Sabby: Awkward is one way of putting it! Can I access to read your blog please?! 🙂

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