Betty. The first time I’ve mentioned a name on here. The thing that if any of my friends read will identify who I am. Not that I have been super anonymous or anything….

Betty may be on her deathbed and I am distraught. Following her accident, she came back looking just like she did before.

I was her first owner. The one who nourished her, looked after and cared to her every whim. No cost was too expensive for her. Whatever she needed she got.

I can’t believe that it might end like this.

Last night, I actually cried. I know that seems silly but I’ve had her for 5 years. My beautiful beautiful car Betty.

It’s not looking promising. Oil has mixed with water in the coolant bit (very technical!) and apparently my head gasket is cracked. It’s not what I was hoping for. Having spoken to a few friends, it’s going to cost me a bit to try and fix it; and if the damage is worse than anticipated, I may need a whole new engine!

People get attached to all kinds of things and for me, Betty is my saviour. When I needed solitude, when I needed space, when I needed to get from A to B; I could always depend on her.

What has surprised me through all of this is the response of my friends. All have been incredibly supportive – Betty is as much theirs as she is mine. She has been a money saver (no need for taxis after a late night out!), she has provided us with amusing stories with Cuban diplomats and all in all, we have had some good times in her.

But I have to make a special mention to A – he has been amazing! When I told him, his response was something like that of SWAT team. After his initial “NOOOOOOOOOOOO”, he phoned his father in-law to be (who has his own garage) and explained the situation. The only thing being that if I take Betty there, it’s halfway across London. But A called me last night and said that he had also spoken to someone he works with who might be able to fix it. When I told him I cried, he didn’t laugh at me. And for someone who makes fun of me at any and every given opportunity, I was so impressed. But that wasn’t just it.

He text me last night after we spoke with really rubbish (and politically incorrect) jokes and I replied that they had elicited a small smile (I’m really gutted!). To which he replied “Don’t worry. We gonna get her fixed up.”

And no matter what anyone tells me about him – I will love him always!


11 thoughts on “Betty

  1. Sorry to hear about Betty and good luck with getting her fixed. Umm, what's with this naming cars fad eh? i haven't even named my cat (no typo, meant kitty cat) which i've had for about two years now, let alone the car. he he 😀

  2. Sabby: I know. :(Angel: Thank you.Dee: It's sad no? :(Azrael: That's coz you're a guy. It's kinda like how men like to give names to their members… ;-)QFAP: I don't even know if I can do that… I'll be heartbroken when and if that time comes around!Foxhound: What's nice then if you're not talking about the car? I hope so too.

  3. ooohhh – poor Betty! My mum had something like that happen to her car awhile back; it was definately fix-able but it was a little on the expensive side. I hope you get it fixed soon and that it doesn't cost tooooooo much! My Mr A is currently getting his car fixed from when he was rear ended a few weeks ago (all hail insurance) and let me tell you that he is BEYOND excited at being able to pick up said 'good as new' car tomorrow afternoon. my thoughts are with you! Meanwhile – i do like your blog and find it rather scrumptious… you shall be added to my blogroll! i hope that's ok?

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