Meet The Friends

It hasn’t happened yet.

But telling R about it elicited a “You can’t marry a non-Tamil!”. And this was not said in a malicious or racist way but it made me think.


3 thoughts on “Meet The Friends

  1. Don't listen to R! Or anyone to be honest…you date/marry whoever you want :-). If the bond is strong enough, cultural differences won't matter…and if they do matter, then the bond can't have been that strong to begin with :-).

  2. Ditto what PR said – inter-racial relationships have the plus of being able to see things with fresh eyes. You'll also have more differences to talk about, so that the things you might have in common with be the important things such as similar taste in books or movies or ideals and values. These things are not always dependent on culture or racial background. Having the same racial background is less important if you're not compatible on anything beyond that.

  3. PR: I love you! Bless your heart! 🙂 It's not so much of listening to R but I get where she's coming from in a way!Darwin: I know. Like I said to PR, I'll give it a go. We can but wait and see! 🙂

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