The Down Side of Road Rage

I don’t get road rage (often). In fact, I can be very patient. What I don’t like though is when people try to cut me up.
You can clearly see that I have patiently been waiting in the queue of traffic to get to my destination.
You can see that I am in the correct lane (I know some of these concepts may be foreign in SL! :P). So why do you think it is acceptable to come speeding along the side of me and try to pull out in front of me?!

My usual response to these things are (me shouting through the glass and hoping that the person can lip read!) “Can’t you see that we’ve all been waiting patiently?!” No, I will not let you in. I’ve WE’VE all been waiting and you should too! No I don’t care how flash your car is!” (whilst thinking “That is such a nice car!”)

So this morning when someone tried to cut me up and I moved Betty forward to close the gap, I was mortified that the driver of the other car that I had just given my usual response to was VERY HOT! To make it worse, he gave me a very sorry looking shrug (one that said, “we could have had something!”) and I felt very very bad. Not least because he was hot, but more out of guilt!

The moral of this story? Choose your road rage victims wisely.


8 thoughts on “The Down Side of Road Rage

  1. Oooh been there done that :-(. See, the 'smart' thing to do would be to force a minor accident, thereby forcing both of you to get out of your respective vehicles, and exchange phone numbers…for *cough* insurance claim purposes, of course. *cough* :DYes I've watched too many rom-coms. So sue me.

  2. depends on my mood.. i let them in and do a woosah! thinking it's not good to hate on ppl. haha but it's hard to do all the time. drivers are way more disciplined here than in lanka.. so we could cut some slack.

  3. JP: Maybe – next time I will have to try that!T: Me?! Discriminate?! *scoffs* (OK, maybe just a lil' bit?!)Me-Shak: He was HOT!The Puppeteer: Man – London can't compare to SL but at least there you expect it! :)PR: Too many rom coms indeed! Accidentally bump and intentionally insurance premium goes up! :PCrystal Flame: Usually I am good. But it was just the attitude of it all. But he was hot. I could have made an exception!

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