Feeling Sorry For Myself

I’m telling it how it is.

TTOTM and I’m feeling lonely. All my friends are getting married and I’m not. 😦

It’s like they’re moving on and I am being completely left behind!


11 thoughts on “Feeling Sorry For Myself

  1. Can relate. Even my divorced friends are finding love and happiness and I'm STILL single dammit!!!!Sigh. Your friend Sabby is right. You're allowed. Read articles on Oprah's website. That should help a tiny bit.

  2. Join the club, my love! The loneliness kills, doesn't it? See if only we weren't over 50 miles apart, we could meet up in random cafés and ogle hot men on the internet using your fancy iphone. Sigh.*hugs*P.S.- I find watching Bridget Jones helps…we're nowhere near as bad as her and even she managed to bag Mark Darcy!

  3. I can perfectly understand what you mean…..Sometimes I do think of that… But,it's nothing to be sad about…:)It means your perfect time is yet to come.. and it will…:)Be hopeful..:)*hug*

  4. Sabby: Thank you.Ubersweet: I know what you mean! :(Dili: I'll take them! :)PR: Well, we've just had our yearly dose. Maybe we could make them 6 monthly doses?!PP: I will chill yo! :PDee: It's called a pity party! :PFINroD: Like what?!LD: I hope so. :)Santhoshi: It's always the case isn't it?Crystal Flame: It's hard sometimes. 😦

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