I chose this exercise activity because you can kind of sit down whilst taking part.

And yet, my ass is in the most amount of pain ever!

Ironic really isn’t it?!


4 thoughts on “Spinning

  1. Try adjusting the seat, if your leg extends in full when the pedal is down you will be using the calf muscles.If that does not work look on the bright side: at lease you may end up with a great butt.

  2. gah. i hate spinning. i went for ONE class and my ass hurt so much, not cuz of the exercise but because of the damn seat. kickboxing ftw.

  3. Santhoshi: Get up and dance to the dapankuthu as well! :)JP: Lol. I'm ok with it now. :)T: But I had to hurt people in kickboxing. It really wasn't doing me any good! 😦

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