Ad Hoc

It is 11:34 PM and I am at work. In Dublin.

It’s awesome isn’t it? My manager called me up at about 14:00 earlier today and asked if I had anything urgent planned for the next two days. When I said no, she basically went “You’re going to Dublin”. Well she actually asked if I wouldn’t mind and I definitely didn’t mind. So I rushed home, packed, grabbed my passport and landed in Dublin about 4 hours ago.

Oh the life of a corporate high flier! 😛 :S

P.S. There’s so much I’d like to write about so much stuff but only so much that I think I can share. When did blogging become so difficult?


4 thoughts on “Ad Hoc

  1. Damn you and your convenient British passport! 😛 (actually, I think I'm ok for Ireland)Pictures please? And at least try and get some work done in between your visits to the various pubs ;-)Have a safe ash-less journey back! xxP.S.- I know what you mean about the blogging…I usually shame the devil and say it anyway (and then get into all sorts of trouble…whoops!)

  2. PR: Well, are you ok for Morocco too? I really want to go!Pictures?! That can only happen if I saw daylight. And what with being at the office between 7:00am and 02:00am, I didn't take ONE single photo!Me-shak: Posh – perhaps. Definitely not fun though!GG: Same response as to PR!

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