MAN! I am such a flirt. This is. Definitely. Not. Good. 😦

J and I have been out a few times now. About 6 I think. And whilst he’s a lovely lovely guy (he’s so nice), he’s just not the guy for me. Nothing to do with my cultural issues from before. More so that he just doesn’t do it for me. I need someone who can put up with my fiery temperament. Someone who makes me laugh out loud. Someone who just doesn’t happen to be J. And I don’t know how to tell him. The worst thing I can do is give him hope by prolonging our contact.

It’s like I’m breaking up with him and we’re not even a damn couple!


7 thoughts on “Tribulations

  1. Please let me know… when you do, how you did it.. 🙂 so i'd know when its comin ma way sooooooonn 😛 heheheCant you just enjoy the company and not complain about a commitment?

  2. Tell him straight and tell him soon! Who knows, maybe he's kinda sensed it but doesn't wanna say anything 'cos he likes hanging out with you?Oh and don't do it over the phone/internet. Do coffee or something. In person anyway.

  3. Hey if he is so nice as you say he should be putting up with your fiery temper… anyway I must confess I am looking forward to read more 🙂

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