I know this is mega late but I have only just realised how I should have utilised this blog!

B’s hen night is tomorrow and I’ve got the majority share of organising stuff. To be fair though – everyone has really helped out and it looks like it will be carnage a great weekend.

However, I need some dares/challenges/forfeits. I’ve got a few but need more. Can I have some suggestions please? Not too extreme but a lil’!

Some ideas (to give you something to compare yours to!):

· Persuade a stranger to buy you a drink
· Get the phone number of a man whose name begins with a vowel
· Every time you hear a Lady Gaga song, you have to do 10 seconds of the running man (I’ll put some Lady Gaga songs on my phone!)
· Approach a stranger of either sex and pretend that you’ve known them for years.
· Sing Chesney Hawke’s “I am the one and only” in a bar
· Get a bald guy to give you a hug
· Get a picture of you and a guy with a tattoo
· Stand outside a shop window looking in and perform 5 star jumps.
· Act out which animal you’d like to be if you were reincarnated
· Gargle the wedding march
· Find three names and numbers for new volunteers to be in the bridal party
· Approach someone else’s table and offer to belly dance for them

Thank you! (in advance!)


7 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. If you're going to a club, use the DJ's mic to announce the wedding? It's a bit random I know, but it would involve some flirting with the DJ, and would result in everyone in the club cheering for the bride…and DJs are usually up for this kinda thing.Will txt you if I think of any others. Good luck and have fun! xx

  2. hmm! sounds like u got some good ones already!- shoplift candy from a store- dial a random (unknown) number and tell whoever is on the other line that u offer 'erotic massages', and try to convince them to order one- buy a random guy a drink- do this to someone! :Dif i get more ill let u know 😀

  3. Aahaha. Yeah, you've gotta do the bom chicka thing. :DPs: I'm sorry I'm not much help, but all thats stuck in my head atm are the dares we had to do during musical chairs and shizz during kids parties – and I think you're waaay better off without 'jump around the room like a bunny' and 'eat a piece of cake without using your hands'!

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