I have road rage. It’s a proven fact.

Yesterday – the whole of my area was gridlocked because of some damn traffic lights that haven’t been working now for 4 days! Seriously – why do I pay council tax if you guys can’t fix things?!

I was in a rush to get to the hardware store to buy some more paint so that I could paint the skirting board before the carpet gets fitted (this morning!). So you can imagine that my patience was at an all time low.

As I indicated to turn left, the car behind refused to give way (some posh sports car that was very big!). Cue me getting irate.

I try not to swear when Amma is in the car but yesterday I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh you f***ing w***er! I hope you can f***ing lip read you motherf***er! With your big ass car!” And I continued effing and blinding for about 5 minutes (thoroughly pissed off!).

About 10 minutes later, I must have been talking about some other man and my Amma who pays no attention to me (clearly!) goes ” Who? That wonka?!” and points to the car who refused to give way earlier!

Cheered me up no end.


10 thoughts on “Amma-isms

  1. The first time I did that… my mum blasted me…. she went on about how they've spent a lot of money on my education and they were sad to see what I have turned out to be..lolthen the second time around and many times after…. she just ignores me and acts like I'm not her daughter.. lol

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