If you work hard, you should play hard right?

I’m just trying to justify what I’ve done.

Betty is definitely on her last legs. And as much as I want to keep her, it’s definitely not financially viable for me to keep her and buy a new car. So I’ve put down a deposit (inclusive of Betty) for a new car.

And why am I justifying this? Because it’s a brand new BMW 320SE convertible. Being delivered in September. And it’s going to cost me a fortune!

I knew I wanted a convertible when I was looking. Mainly because I’m at an age where if once I get married, I’ll need a car that’s a bit more family orientated right? And then as I get older, I’ll need a car that suits the needs of me and my family. And when I get old(er), I don’t want to be one of those old people who drive convertibles thinking they’re cool when they’re really not (cue Friends reference – season 7, episode 14 where at the the end the old guy with the same car comes along and goes “How cool are we?!”)! So I went along to BMW just to see what was available. Myself – I wanted a lil’ 1 series. Small, compact and within my price range. My brother and cousin on the other hand were living vicariously through me! And so I was steered towards the 3 series. And well, once I sat in one – that was that really!

Why do I need to justify it? Well, what with paying a mortgage, bills, travel and occasionally buying shoes(!), I am going to have to make some lifestyle changes in order to accommodate the car! But like I said – you work hard, you play hard so a few sacrifices will have to be made somewhere. And I’ve started looking for a second part time job!

So the car has been ordered, the deposit has been paid and is now just waiting delivery. But like I told A – the only place the car will be going is up and down my driveway because I’ll be too scared to drive it with the thought that I might damage it!

But oh well – how awesome is it going to look?! And any suggestions for names will be taken on board! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Justifying

  1. oh my! now tht is a nice car, but isn't it not really practical for English weather? it being a convertible and all… oh btw Dee Bailey???? really??? 😛

  2. this will haunt u for the rest of your life.nah just kidding.. lol.. but ur gnna have to give up a lotta shoes for it :Pi suggest a nice manly name. it IS a beemer after all.. no more 'betty' and what not..!

  3. Dee: Fancy indeedy! Bailey… I'm considering.Hisham: ERM… We've had a great summer! ~lo$t $oul~: I know!!Sabby: Whenver you're over – you can have a ride in the car! :)Azrael: I know!Gehan: It's totally worth it! 🙂 And bare sexist!Delilah: I hope so! :PLD: Thank you.Santhoshi: Thanks!

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