One Sided

Wow. Someone else huh?

I guess it was a matter of time. No no, I’m fine.

How long have you known her? Oh wow. Three months.

And you want to marry her? Cool.

Me upset? No I’m doing ok.

So where’s she from? She’s Sri Lankan? Cool.

And where does she live now? Manchester – awesome. At least she won’t have to move far.

What is she like? She sounds nice. What do you like about her? She listens to you? Fair enough.

And what does she do? Pharmacist – cool. No, I’m not upset.

Well, it’s up to you how to deal with your parents. I’m sure they’ll come around to it. Grandchildren solve everything!

Seriously I’m ok. How did you expect me to react? You know how I feel. You can’t expect me to say it over and over again.

What does she have that I don’t? Actually no – scrap that. Pretend I didn’t ask that question. Nothing?

Then why her?


13 thoughts on “One Sided

  1. Nothing wrong with you girl, I am sure it was the free condoms. so blame it on the economy.I know you are a grown up, and a good girl. There will alway be nice fire works in the sky that make you go Oooogh!

  2. 😦 I know it sucks and I've been there, this has happened to me :(but looking back now, I agree with what Pseudo Random said… and with time and someone more special, the hurt will end. Trust me.Till then *HUGS*

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