Section 2

My friend has been committed under Section 2 of the Metal Health Act.

Should we (as the people in her life) have been able to see this happening? Erratic emails put down to work stress. FB status updates that made no sense but not in an incoherent way.

When I found out I cried. Because I am at a loss. It’s a helpless situation at the moment.

She’s so young.

And none of us know what to do. 😦


7 thoughts on “Section 2

  1. You know coming to think of it I would have been as surprised or aghast as you are if it happened to someone who I was close to. That is the thing about mental illness sometimes its invisible to those who are close. Hope your friend comes out ok and if I am correct she will really need her friends to gather around her when she does.

  2. Awwwww… sweetie… I know exactly how you feel… a sort of gobsmacked why-din-I-seed-this-happening awful feeling. At least she is getting the assessment / treatment she deserves… and darker things have not happened.Hugs…

  3. Sad. Do they know what's wrong?There is a lot of stigma attached to mental health problems so I guess her friends should be supportive an minimise the damage to her self confidence and esteem.

  4. Correctly said Azrael… She's getting help… The sad part in SL is that people tend to take it seriously when something is wrong physically and not with your mind.. There are a lot of people suffering not knowing what to do or how to get out of it… It's just sad..Hope your friend gets better soon… 🙂

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