Too Much?

For me, this blog offers an outlet. Blogging allows me to express myself.

But reading back on some of my posts – I wonder if I should have wrote what I did. Cathartic as it is, it only seems to remind me of how I felt. Opening up old wounds. Reminding me of how things were. Questioning how things could have been.

Am I doing the right thing by putting it all out here? Or should I have not wrote anything at all? Could it be that if there’s no evidence of it, then the memories will be easier to forget?

More importantly – do I want to forget?


9 thoughts on “Too Much?

  1. if it opened up old wounds, then you read it too soon. you know its okay when you can read even the painful parts with a nostalgic smile, because you've grown, because you've moved on. and at that point, believe me, you'll be happy you blogged about it 🙂

  2. I agree with lost soul & darwinYou should keep at it – I think it really does help. I know it helps me 🙂 It will also keep your mind from playing tricks on you so that you would forget what it really felt like when you were betrayed/dumped/fired etc. Or how deliriously deliciously happy you really felt when you won something/'that' person smiled with you/got a raise etc.

  3. I just write to get it out of my system and I find it really helps for me to remain sane… but I must confess I never look back or re-read in this case. You know something I have learned to do is train my mind to switch to happy thoughts when I am feeling down. I know it sounds silly but once you get the hang of it you will find it really helps. 🙂

  4. I feel that you should go on… Sometimes it helps to know where you were to realise where you are!Every memory is either cherished or a lesson learned.. so you shouldn't be forgetting them, rather putting them in the right box and using them when needed to make yourself better… :)Oh… You putting them down might be helpful for your readers too right? What happens to US if you stop? 🙂

  5. sometimes it's better to get things out of your system.I use my blog to let out how I feel about certain things which I don't want to talk about to people I know…So yea, depends on what you want..:)For me, I try not to read old posts coz they hurt.. but I like to leave them there…

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