I don’t know if I have it in me to put myself out there. To allow my heart to get hurt. I believe that good things happen to good people. And good things come to those who wait. But sometimes I question that if good things were to happen to me, then I wouldn’t be the way God made me. Or how long am I supposed to wait.

I know I’m not alone in heartbreak – the blogs I read tell me that. And it pains me. I know that we’re better off in some instances. But how can I believe the advice that I try to tell them when I hardly believe it myself?

I hate myself for feeling sorry for myself. But I can’t help myself.


5 thoughts on “Inability

  1. aw what's wrong scrumpy đŸ˜¦ cheer up! i know waiting sucks, but something good will come ur way and you'll look back at this period and smile!

  2. Hugs :(Sometimes it feels like "Today is a winding road that's taking me to places that I didn't want to go" … maybe those places are the places that make you, that build you up to be the best and the strongest you can be … they prepare you to better appreciate and value the good things in life so you make the best of all that is good and happy that comes your way … Hang in there and take it from a nameless stranger, this too shall pass ..

  3. it was a good 3 years when i could even smile at a woman.dont feel sorry for youself, you put ur heart out and you got hurt, happens mostly. but you learn something out of it. leave everything on the table, and lil something for yourself too, you might want it for the rainy days. :)Take your time, don pressure yourself, start taking time for yourself, get to know you and then..wht ever happens, happens. :)*hugs* scrumpy…

  4. Trust me, you know that I know how this feels…I guess we'll just have to wait and see..and it always takes longer… but perhaps we need to love ourselves a little more and do things for ourselves… It helps a little..:)Treat yourself coz you love yourself more than you would ever know..:)*hug*

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