Unhealthy Obsession

I can’t help myself. I actually love him. I feel like I am in high school all over again.

My siblings were the ones that introduced me to him. And HOT DAMN – he is beautiful.

I watch a lot of American TV shows (some of which most of you probably don’t care for but hey, they entertain me!) which include One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl (how HOT is Chuck Bass), Lost (when it was on), How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory to name a few. There’s still so many to watch but I have recently started watching The Vampire Diaries.

Set in a small town in American, it tells the story (so far) of two Vampire brothers who come back to said small town and the story progresses about their history and how it relates to the modern world and how everything and everyone is pretty much linked together. And enter Damon Salvatore – the elder vampire brother. The “bad” guy of the two. The charmer, the one that feasts on humans. The one who proclaims to have no feelings (yes I know he’s a vampire so he probably doesn’t!) but has been hurt by love. Played by the gorgeous Ian Somerhalder, Damon Salvatore is so hot it actually hurts me and that in the last 48 hours, I have managed to watch season 1 (22 episodes) and get up to date with season 2 (5 episodes). It’s taken over my life and I can’t get enough.

Yes, I’m sad. But I challenge you to watch it and not fall for him! Edward Cullen who?!


6 thoughts on “Unhealthy Obsession

  1. sigh. and now i shall i share with you a quote fit for this situation – Apita koheda Wool ballo.(For us, what wool/furry dogs?) – get it ? 😀 k nvm.

  2. my latest obsession!!! the salvador brothers… did you watch the latest episode!*Swoon* sucks they are having almost a months' break before the rest of the episodes are released.. (and it's also sad that i know this!lol!)

  3. I used to like Damon first, but then Stefan became hotter! Esp the episode when he and Elena finally 'do it'- you get to see his abs! Okay now I sound like a horny teenager.although I did tire of all the drama- those two are definite hotties 😀

  4. CJ: I have no clue who that is but I'm glad to know you can empathise! :)CF: Chuck Bass definitely FTW but Damon Salvatore is giving him some serious run for his money. Especially in the new season of GG which I'm starting to find quite dull!Dee: Explain!Hanogver Girl: It's not sad. I went and relayed this information from you to everybody! :PSeeSaw: You're missing out on so much! And yes Stefan is hot but Damon… oh Damon! 🙂

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