I’m trying to avoid talking about marriage with anybody and everybody but it seems that people are getting married left, right and centre!

RL is getting married. But I haven’t been officially told yet.

Conversation with B on Monday went like this:

B: Dude, I have something to tell you and I really want to but I can’t!!!

Scrumps: Oh man! You can’t do that! What is it?

B: I can’t!

S: OK – fine.

B: OK – It’s RL.

S: OK – is it what I think it is?

B: What do you think it is?

S: Well marriage….?

B: *Silence*

S: No way?! That’s great news!

B: But I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone and you have to act VERY surprised!

And then she proceeds to tell me a lil‘ bit more about it.

Cue this morning, my conversation with A:

A: Man I need to tell you something but you have to PROMISE you can’t tell anyone!

S: I promise.

A: It’s about RL. Do you know?

S: Know what?

A: OK – you can’t tell anyone about this. She hasn’t told anyone. Promise?

S: Promise!

A: She’s getting married!!!!!!!!

S: Nooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! (rolling my eyes slightly). To who? When? How?!

A: *proceeds to tell me some stuff*. You can’t tell anyone OK. Not even B. RL hasn’t told anybody! And you best act surprised!

And then they wonder why I don’t share my secrets wholeheartedly with them!

But I love the fact that they love me enough to want to share!


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