Pre-Christmas Gripe

I know I haven’t blogged but it’s been a busy month and I have yet to upload my Athens or Budapest photos but those posts will follow over the next few days (she said quite optimistically!).

Athens was interesting – and here comes my gripe. Recently heartbroken girl (me btw!), newly married friend (B) and recently engaged friend(St) travelling. A lil‘ sympathy wouldn’t go amiss right? I mean – I am happy to embrace all things wedding and coupley but seriously – all the fucking time?! Give me a break. There were more times than I would have liked where I was totally excluded from the conversation. You’d think that as my friends – they would have sensed the tone but apparently my lack of input into the 500th of these conversations didn’t make a difference!

And as the weather worsens in Britain, my lack of not attempting to travel to B’s Christmas dinner has been discretely broadcast against me on FB! I’m sorry – because I was sensible and didn’t want to risk my life or my car, I’m a bad friend.

And here begins the first of my resolutions for 2011

  • Stop trying to please everybody.

6 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Gripe

  1. haha from one friend (not people) pleaser to clearly another- sometimes it's okay to be a grump and wallow instead of smiling fakely and pretending to enjoy. It esp sucks when you've just broken up and you're trying to feel the happiness your friend is feeling at having found her soulmate (been there, done that!).They'll come around. Don't think about it too much.

  2. ~ lo$t $oul ~: About time I know. :)CJ: Awwww – you are always very kind to me. Thank you! :)Welcome to Boredom: Thanks. I guess we'll ahve to wiat and see if we stick to it!Seesaw: I know. I'm trying not to. It's hard though!Santhoshi: HNY to you too! And we can all but try.

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