Happy Times

I used to work with this beautiful Mauritian guy (JB). Honestly, I remember the first time he walked into the shop I worked at and from then on, every Saturday I looked forward to knowing that I would see him. He was so hot and of course he had that French Creole accent going on so I pretty much melted every time he spoke. Which unfortunately wasn’t that much because he was quite quiet but I made the most of it. It wasn’t a secret that I thought he was beautiful and my manager at the time (when he himself wasn’t sexually harassing “flirting” with me!) had great fun making us both feel quite uncomfortable. There came a point where JB asked me out to the cinema so I agreed. We went to see a Hindi film. With no English subtitles. Which basically meant I sat there whispering into his ear asking questions about the plot line!

The time came for me to leave my Saturday job – and I was sad to be leaving JB. We’d begun to get along really well. As I was getting ready to leave, in walks JB with a beautiful bunch of roses. I wasn’t as emotional then as I am now but I was so touched. I still have those dried roses!

And then JB had to go back to Mauritius. We kept in touch and I thought to myself that I would have somewhere to stay if I ever visited the place!
Last September I received a phone call. A number I didn’t recognise. And it was JB! He was back to do his MSc. YAY!

Despite our random FB messages, we only managed to meet up yesterday. Lunch and a movie followed by a romantic friendly walk around Covent Garden. He told me there would be reindeer there! Whilst I was watching a street performer, he told me to wait there and he was going to look for them. He came back with a paper bag.

S: What did you get?
JB: A pretzel. I was hungry!
S: We just ate! How are you hungry?
JB: Do you want some?
S: No thank you.
JB: Well I had mine – this one is for you.

And then he promptly handed me the bag. And it wasn’t a pretzel. It was a cuddly toy!

And I melted some more. *swoon*

10 thoughts on “Happy Times

  1. Ssbby: Indeed! :)GS: Aww – I don't know about that but one is better than none.Cadence: :)Delilah: I will try.Dee: A lil' over excited but we would have if I even thought about it like that! :PAngel: Seriously? :PJP: ThanksCJ: LOL! Indeed I was!GG: Thanks.All: To be fair, I think you've all got a lil' overexcited but it was a lovely gesture nonetheless! 🙂

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